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Enterprise Content Management

Content Storage

A lot of drawings exist which were made manually. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Existing drawings may be used to design new parts. Electronic drawing data is also used for exchange of drawing information or paperless design data archives. Formax has done the drawing conversion on more than 50 types of drawings for companies from USA and Europe. The quality of their work is guaranteed by strict quality control steps.


Formax has experience in vectorization on maps, various drawings and photos for route mapping, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture, utilities, construction, facility manufacturing, civil engineering, surveying, topography.
We do vectorization in various platforms customers offered.  Vectorization of drawing images by redrawing is like keying for characters. Vectorization by automation is like OCR for characters.  We do it by automation and then redraw to correct errors (another kind of cleanup).

3D rendering

We do 3D rendering from 2D pictures, material objects or some ideas.

Picture modification

We provide bulk of image processing services to clients on picture’s cutting, stitching, repair, modification, optimization etc