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Enterprise Content Management

Transaction and Document Management

Information collection and communication

Our client’s factories and suppliers are located worldwide, When carriers want us to audit the reports, when factories consult us with questions about the invoices and billing reports, or when we find errors about their invoices and billing reports, to notice them to issue invoice and mailing out the files. We, acting as a key point between client, factories and the carriers, will  communicate with them.

Invoice collection

First, after we receive the express from the carriers, we count the files, and then scan all the pages.

After that, we will check the invoice title, invoice number, invoice amount, billing of lading and other useful information to ensure that the invoices are correct. Then we make the payment files for the client. In these files, we need to key the invoice title, invoice number, invoice amounts, carriers name, the number of B/L, and so on. We also need to count the bill of lading and ensure that all B/L in the billing reports need to be mailed to client.

After all this is done, we recount the files and mail them out to the client.

Bill reports auditing:

Each client and its logistics companies have their own rate and contract, different from others. We audit the freight bill according to their rates.

Management and optimization

Programming: In order to save operation hours, we developed programs to audit the billing report and to consolidate the summary reports of the international billing reports automatically.

Summary Reports: We offer saving reports to clients, as well as analysis on how much wrong freight has been audited.

Summarizing:To summarize and make rules and regulations about the whole process and ensure next batch of work being done more quickly.