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Integration of Content Informa

Data Mining and Content Integration

Big data analysis plays a more and more important role in our society. All IT relevant giants are entering to try to get a bigger share in the market. However, technique is their strength, ability to process big data is not. Fortunately, we are your best choice of data mining company with the right skill sets to get the job done. We are calm to face any demand on data collecting, annotation, analysis or various needs from client. Thus, clients save more time on value added data analysis.

Keyword search: Search relevant information by keying keyword via various search engines: Baidu, Google, Yahoo etc. Keywords can be all kinds of commercial information, human’s characters or products information.

Web search: through developed searching tools to capture all products information from a specific website. The client can get all they wanted.

Vertical search: use vertical searching tools to gather relevant information from vertical field.

Semantic search: through the semantic search, we can handle a variety of business information base on few keywords.