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Form Processing

Formax offers 7 x 24 hours data acquisition and verification services for international clients. We have rich experience on how to search useful information or keying what you see from application forms, invoices, orders and other documents. Our clients are from insurance companies, shopping markets, banks, chain stores, express companies and so on.

We guarantee all projects will be returned on time. Can you imagine that a lot of projects turn around time (TAT) are calculated in Hours. In most cases, TAT is less than 4 hours, even the quickest TAT is just 9 minutes. But we made it! Absolutely faster than what you thought!

We also provide online data acquisition services through a log in customer system on behalf of the remote user, which aims to ensure the safety and controllability of customer data. This to ensure that customer data are timely embedded into whole business procedure.

Our services are :

Application forms (bank card, cancellation letters, mortgage and loan, rent,etc)
Survey and research forms
Exam papers
Financial report
claims forms
Appraisal forms